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 At TSA we want to be part of your team, even if it’s only an hour at a time. 

We are not like the plumber, who fixes broken things and then goes away. 

Where your technology needs are concerned, we can help you looking forward and     we will be watching your back.

We are committed to help you find the solution that’s right for you.



Services offered associated with computer systems:


Custom built PC's and Hardware repair


Network Attached Storage Devices


Network integrity supervision:

  • Configure and install Wireless Access Point(s) as needed to provide uniform coverage of the work areas including security protocols appropriate to the environment.
  • Configure and install router(s) as needed including static and dynamic IP addressing and hardware firewall protection as appropriate to the environment.
  • Configure router(s) for network access by hardware devices other than computers.
  • Manage static or dynamic IP addressing back to the Internet Service Provider.


Computer security:

  • Software patch administration - periodically confirm update status of Windows, Java, Adobe, etc.
  • Install and maintain appropriate virus protection software.
  • Periodically check system logs for errors and warnings and address as needed.



  • Maintain backups suitable to allow recovery of individual files that are corrupted or accidentally erased.
  • Maintain backups suitable to recover a computer from a hard drive failure.
  • Maintain backups suitable to allow recovery from complete loss of equipment due to catastrophic failure, fire, or other disaster.


Help Desk:

  • Available on an on-call basis to handle user’s needs case by case.
  • Handle installation of improved software features as needed.
  • Handle installation of hardware upgrades as needed including network components and wiring.
  • Personnel training as needed.


Professional Audio/Visual Technology services offered:


  • Integration of mixing consoles, amplifiers, and speaker systems for auditoriums or distribution throughout buildings.
  • Selection of microphones and direct input devices
  • Stage and control room wiring
  • Selection and installation of projectors and screens
  • Selection and configuration of computers for live multi-media presentations
  • Selection and configuration of recording equipment.
  • Personnel training.


Video Surveillance Systems:

  • Video recording upon motion detection
  • Analog video cameras
  • Networked IP Cameras
  • Computers and routers for support

Note:  This type of surveillance is intended as a business tool and not as a “security” system.  We are often surprised, however, at what we find going on that remains unseen.






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